CrystalView Xtreme Anti-Fog Wipe Treatment for Glasses or Visors w Masks

Prevent Fogging on all Types of Eyewear Eliminate annoying fog on your glasses visors and goggles. Great to use when wearing a mask or face shield. The nano infused cloth can be safely used on glass plastic and polycarbonate lenses. The specially treated cloth lasts for up to 6 months or 600 wipes. Long-Lasting Protective Coating Crystaltech Nano uses a nano TiO2 formula infused cloth for long-lasting effective protection against fog humidity sweating and fast temperature changes.


Easy to Use

Simply open the pouch and wipe glasses, visors, or goggles. Put the cloth back in the pouch and seal until next use. After applying try to avoid touching the treated surface.

Modern Scientific Advances

TiO2 (titanium dioxide) is the element that works like magic to offer you maximum protection when you use crystaltech nano anti-fog treatment. It forms a barrier on the surface that prevents fogging.

No harmful chemicals and meets strict REACH standards! German-made formula.


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