Hand Sanitizer Soothing Gel

Our Rinse-Free Hand sanitizer gel is a unique crystal clear formulation containing alcohol and a special blend of moisturizers and skin conditioning agents that leave your hands feeling moisturized, refreshed and thoroughly. When applied to hands it evaporates in seconds.


Glycerin, a natural humectant, helps moisturize and counteracts the drying effects of alcohol. Aloe Vera Leaf is a natural soothing and healing agent which helps prevent dry, cracked or peeling skin. Additionally, we include Pro Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E which contribute to healthy looking and great feeling skin.

Net Wt 4oz


Directions: Apply about (2-3ml) of product to moisten your hands and rub for 15 seconds until the gel covers your hands and dries

Ingredients: Ethyl SD Alcohol 40B - 80%, Deionized Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Panthenol  Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Carbomer, Aminomethyl Propanol.



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