iQ Natural Organic Aloe Vera Gel - Made in USA

The ultimate mission of iQ Natural is to bring you products that are in their most natural and purest form possible. iQ Natural Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel is lovingly crafted from both the Aloe Vera Leaf and Inner Leaf processes resulting in a concentrated undiluted pure liquid extracted from the leaves of the aloe barbadensis miller to which no chemical preservatives of any kind have been added. No added color or fragrances are ever added to our formulas. This Aloe Vera Gel is commonly combined with Alcohol to make hand sanitizer. Because this is a non-sticky formula with no chemical preservatives it is a favorite among our customers. Ingredients: 100% Pure Aloe Juice Xanthan Gum Citric Acid Phenoxyethanol


ORGANIC ALOE:Feel the difference with pure organic aloe leaf straight from nature to you. Aloe vera gel 100 percent pure: Because it's Organic with no toxic chemicals it absorbs just like fresh Aloe Vera leaf juice. Soothes and hydrates dry rough or itchy skin on contact. It's never hard sticky or lumpy.

SOFTENS SKIN: Organic Aloe Vera Gel improves the skin's elasticity and overall texture so that it is soft & supple.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: 100% Certified Organic. Cut fresh from the Aloe Plant. IQ Natural Aloe Vera Gel is direct from nature to you. This aloe lotion is fast-acting and dries fast without sticky residue.


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