Mouth Cover Fashion Mask For Travel, Daily Use, Washable Reusable

Features a 3D facial design to ensure a perfect fit on your face, is made of quality Polyester and Spandex. These materials are soft, gentle to the skin, and without any dye, making these face covers more comfortable and safety to your face. Very breathable, and they make no uncomfortable. Also, they’re made with comfy elastic ear-loops, and extra-soft ear loops have little pressure to the ears.

By wearing this face cover, it will physically prevent you from touching your nose and mouth which will limit the exposure, especially if you contact something on your hand. That being said, if you are careful removing the covering each time and sterilize it and clean it after each use, it will definitely provide additional protection beyond frequently washing hands and staying away from public places.


Wash and Care

Easy to wash by hand, no fade or deformation after wash. One anti dust covering can be reused for multiple times in all seasons. If you are looking for fashion dust-proof face covering, these face covers will be your ideal and risk-free


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