Negative Ion Air Purifier HEPA Filter Desktop Air Cleaner For Home Office Car

● The purifier ionizes the air through the top tip, producing a large amount of oxygen anion.
● Negative ions are attracted to and combined with positively charged floating pollutants (such as dust, pollen, smoke, PM2.5, etc.) in the air.
● Electrode neutralization occurs, floating pollutants gather into a mass and settle naturally on the ground to avoid being inhaled by the human body.
- Color: White
- Plug: UK Plug, US Plug, DE Plug
- Applicable area: 4-10m²
- Rated power: 4W
- Noise level: 30 / 55db
- Product size: 175x175x220mm/6.8x6.8x8.6''
Packing Included:
1x Air Purifier


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