Great Bundle - 5 Pack Hand Sanitizers 50 Pack 3-Ply Face Masks 4 Pack High Quality Protective Face Masks

What you need to stay safe! Use this hand sanitizer to keep you and your family free from the germs that are spreading. It has strong permeability and can drill into bacteria causing bacteria to lose activity and die leaving your hands clean and sanitized. This sanitizer is a perfect solution for cleaning your hands while on-the-go. Carry it with you in your bag to help keep your hands clean at all times. These Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks are designed with comfort in mind. The masks have an extra-soft elastic ear-loop to eliminate pressure to the ears and they are made from a breathable material to provide comfort and protection. The pack includes 50 masks to keep you well-stocked. This High-Quality Face Mask covers your nose and mouth to provide protection from elements in the environment. Designed with a comfortable feel and fit on the face. The pack includes five masks to keep you well-stocked. What you Get: 5 Pack Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers 50 pack Disposable Non-Medical 3-Ply Face Masks 4 Pack High-Quality Protective Face Masks


Wash-free hand sanitizer

  • Antibacterial
  • 120 ml
  • Can be used with or without water
  • Great to carry in your bag for on the go use

3-Ply Face Masks

  • Breathable and disposable fabric
  • Elastic earloop for comfort
  • Easy to wear
  • Made of 3-ply non-woven material
  • Pack includes 50 masks

4 Pack: High-Quality Protective Face Mask

  • Keeps you safe from germs


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